What customers are saying about us

Every part of this experience was great. Adam and Jack were very helpful and patient. They were able to take care of everything we needed to get this project done.

Jeff Hoffman

Rick was a pleasure to work with. Fantastic project manager. Will definitely work with him again.

Robert Paradis

O’Keeffe’s provided us a high quality product on time with no issues. Their communication and knowledge have exceeded my expectations. We look forward to doing business with them.

Preston Tziouvaras

Very responsive sales representative and very knowledgeable on the products that they represent.

Abe Talavera

Smooth process and satisfied with products.

Kristina Gomez

Great products, fast service, friendly and knowledgeable representatives. It’s always a pleasure dealing with O’Keeffe’s

Laremy Janecek

I have found their sales people to be very responsive and helpful when we need to make corrections to dimensions that we supplied that were incorrect. They provide great solutions to fix the issue without having to purchase another complete ladder.

Clair Dotzler

Great product. Love the quality.

Tom Ellis

We appreciate the high level of customer service that was provided throughout the pricing, submittal and ordering phases.

Richard Poole

We have always had very good service from O’Keeffe’s. The products are as specified and shipped on time.


It was rough at the beginning trying to be on the same page of what was needed for the project but at the end everything worked out and came out good.

Jose Arteaga

Keep up the good work. You make a great ladder.

Paul Costa

I used you with my previous company and now with my current company, always had a good experience.

Mark Eveland

Fast quoting and kept in touch the whole process – which is important to our business.

Angel Myszkowski

Great customer service. Quick turnaround on quotes. Great to do business with.

Brad Turner

O’Keeffe’s representatives are always quick to get us quotes, placing orders, and are very helpful with any issues that arise.

Braydon Smith

O’Keeffe’s products are well built, all hardware is attached and they are shipped promptly and are properly crated for shipping.

Lonnie Gale

Service was excellent. Product was what it was supposed to be and on time.

Jeff Desrocher

Adam was very helpful and patient through a process that ended up being more difficult than it should have been because owner, architect and consultant each had an opinion and took forever to get on the same page. Adam rode it out like an old pro.

David Mequet

Customer Service is top notch. Any time we had an issue or there was a change in the design of the ladder we ordered, O’Keeffe’s response was almost immediate with updated pricing, fixes, or whatever we needed.

Justin Petrolji

We have bought ladders from O’Keeffe’s for many years and are always happy with the final product.

Corri Wainwright

I ordered 4 ship ladders and a ladder with a platform. A lot of chatter was going back and forth on the finish the owners wanted, but didn’t really want to pay the up charge for. When the order went in, I only ordered the 4 ladders which were approved. They came in the wrong finish, however I gave all the reasons in the book to the GC to have the owners accept it (which they did at no additional cost). When we were running out of time for the ladder with platform, I asked Adam and Jack for help and they had the whole team work together, and came through for us. Thank you team O’Keeffe’s for helping me get these ladders pushed through your production system.

Stephen Guillermo