Custom Aluminum Platforms and Catwalks

There are instances when a standard ladder or platform may be inadequate to access equipment or areas in a building safely. This is especially true for agricultural or manufacturing facilities, water treatment plants, industrial applications, transportation hubs, wineries, distilleries, and more. Because these facilities have specific functions or specialty equipment, everything you need to maneuver the space safely must be durable, versatile and structurally stable to ensure the safety of all personnel.

Our custom aluminum platforms and catwalks meet OSHA requirements for maximum safety, and are available in multiple finishes. Made with lightweight and high strength aluminum, you can count on our custom aluminum platforms and catwalks to provide a durable, maintenance-free solution that is built to last.

custom platforms and catwalks

Especially when maintaining sterile environments are key (such as pharmaceutical laboratories, wineries, distilleries or food processing centers, water treatment plants, etc.) aluminum is a great alternative to steel because the contact washing, sterilizing, etc. of catwalks, ramps, platforms, etc. will not hurt the material – unlike steel that is prone to corrosion.

With over 80 years of design, engineering and manufacturing experience, O’Keeffe’s can custom fabricate any aluminum ladder, platform, catwalk, ramp, stair, etc. based on your exact specifications. If you need assistance with a current or upcoming project, please contact us at 888.653.3333 to speak to speak with our custom fabrication team. We look forward to turning your idea into reality!

Project Examples

Below are renderings of actual custom platforms that we’ve supplied to various projects.

The Brownsville Public Utilities Board Service Yards needed a safe and accessible way for the maintenance staff to wash their service trucks. The customer designed a custom ship ladder with a platform that extended 34.5 feet for the wash bays. Diamond plate was used for the platform for maximum foot traction and a handrail was placed on the side as additional safety features.

In this case, aluminum was the material of choice because this is a very wet and constantly damp environment that would have easily and quickly corroded unprotected steel.

aluminum platform and catwalk

This pharmaceutical laboratory in the Bay Area needed a custom platform to access equipment safely. It also needed to be 48 in. off the ground to clear pipes and other equipment on the floor. O’Keeffe’s supplied a custom ship ladder with a 30” wide platform that extends 30 ft. Guardrails are installed on both sides for added safety.

Because this was in a sterile environment, aluminum was the ideal material due to the frequent washing & sanitizing performed on all the surfaces in the lab, and helps the laboratory to meet OSHA and ANSI safety standards.

Custom Platforms and Catwalks