Ladder Safety Attachments & Accessories

Find a complete range of ladder safety attachments and accessories at O’Keeffe’s to enhance worker safety, protect equipment or meet any project condition.

We know that safety is your number one concern when using a ladder. With a large selection of options, such as safety posts, landing platforms, fall arrest systems, security doors, and more, we make it easy to find the right accessory for your aluminum commercial ladder and stay safe on the job. Whether you simply need a safety post or a harness for fall protection, we have what you need to feel safe and confident.


Interested in learning more about each of our aluminum commercial ladder safety attachments? O’Keeffe’s has you covered. That’s why we make sure you’re completely informed with in-depth product descriptions.

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Ladder Safety Attachments

Rail and Harness Fall Arrest System

(available for all fixed access ladders)

Rail and harness system with a shuttle that connects to a worker’s harness. The shuttle moves with the worker as they climb up or down the ladder. As soon as there is a slip or fall, the system is instantly engaged with the shuttle immediately locking into the rail.

OSHA requires that if the total length of the climb exceeds 24’, ladder safety devices are required (OSHA 1926.1053(a)(19)(i).

Landing Platform

(available for all fixed access and cage ladders)

Used for various purposes including switching from one ladder to another when the ladders are offset to go around obstructions or as a resting place in long climbs.

OSHA requires landings for climbs longer than 50’ (OSHA 1926.1053(a)(19)(iii).

Safety Post

(available for ladder models 500, 501 and 531)

Provides the climber with something to hold on to as they pull themselves through the hatch. Our safety posts are available in Safety Yellow and Galvanized finishes.


Seismic Bracket

(available for all ship ladders)

Allows for 1” of movement and is supplied if the local jurisdiction requires one. It is also typically used when the ship ladder is between two separate buildings or crosses an expansion joint.

Ladder Accessories and Options

Floor Mounted Bracket (Standard)

(available standard for all ladders)

Used to attach the ladder securely to the floor. This is standard for all our ladders.

Off Floor Mounting Bracket

(available for all fixed access and cage ladders)

Used as an alternate to the standard floor mounting bracket when obstructions are present that prohibit the ladder from being attached to the floor. In this case, the ladder is attached securely to the wall.

Extended Intermediate Bracket

(available for all fixed access and cage ladders)

For ladders with a backset beyond the standard 7” up to 18”

Additional Intermediate Bracket

(available for all fixed access and cage ladders)

Provided every 10’ to anchor the ladder securely to the wall.

Security Door

(available for fixed access models 501, 502, 503, 503A, 504 and all cage ladders)

Prevents unauthorized access to the ladder for security purposes. Standard widths include 18-3/8” and 24”. Custom widths are available by calling O’Keeffe’s.