Custom Aluminum Ramps

Our custom aluminum ramps offer safe and sturdy access over mechanical structures or other parts of the building where a flat walkway is preferred or required in lieu of steps. This could be due to ADA or other functional requirements, such as moving wheeled equipment or loads over various obstacles or obstructions.

Our custom aluminum ramps feature a slip-resistant surface for maximum safety, as well as a flexible design that can accommodate various slopes and widths depending on the project specifications. It can be combined with handrails, platforms or stairs for a truly customized solution.

Especially when maintaining sterile environments are key (such as pharmaceutical laboratories, wineries, distilleries or food processing centers, water treatment plants, etc.) aluminum is a great alternative to steel because the contact washing, sterilizing, etc. of catwalks, ramps, platforms, etc. will not hurt the material – unlike steel that is prone to corrosion.

With over 80 years of design, engineering and manufacturing experience, O’Keeffe’s can custom fabricate any aluminum ladder, platform, catwalk, ramp, stair, etc. based on your exact specifications. If you need assistance with a current or upcoming project, please contact us at 888.653.3333 to speak to speak with our custom fabrication team. We look forward to turning your idea into reality!

Custom Aluminum Crossover Ramp

This custom crossover ramp was used to “cross over” mechanical equipment such as air ducts and piping without the worry of tread steps. This becomes useful when moving equipment around using the ramp. Side rails are placed on both sides for safety standards and comply with OSHA and ANSI safety standards pertaining to restricted walkways. This application also takes advantage of aluminum’s lightweight yet high strength properties, and its natural ability to resist corrosion assures its durability for years to come even if it’s exposed to the elements.