Custom Aluminum Stairs

For instances where a standard ship ladder is not enough to do the job, O’Keeffe’s can fabricate a custom aluminum stair that you need. Our custom aluminum stairs can provide safe access to rooftops, crossover access to equipment, or any other commercial or industrial application. They can be combined with custom guardrails, platforms, ramps, or other ladders to provide the utmost design flexibility.

Our custom aluminum stairs meet OSHA requirements for maximum safety, and are available in multiple finishes. Made with lightweight and high strength aluminum, you can count on our custom aluminum stairs to provide a durable, maintenance-free solution that is built to last.


Especially when maintaining sterile environments are key (such as pharmaceutical laboratories, wineries, distilleries or food processing centers, water treatment plants, etc.) aluminum is a great alternative to steel because the contact washing, sterilizing, etc. of catwalks, ramps, platforms, etc. will not hurt the material – unlike steel that is prone to corrosion.

With over 80 years of design, engineering and manufacturing experience, O’Keeffe’s can custom fabricate any aluminum ladder, platform, catwalk, ramp, stair, etc. based on your exact specifications. If you need assistance with a current or upcoming project, please contact us at 888.653.3333 to speak with our custom fabrication team. We look forward to turning your idea into reality!

Custom Aluminum Rolling Stairs With Hand Rails

This custom rolling stair was supplied to San Francisco International Airport to help maintenance staff access and clean the roof top skylight.

Because the custom rolling stair goes across a skylight, it had to be both lightweight and high-strength – which aluminum is. The proximity to the salty air near San Francisco Bay and its exposure to the elements meant aluminum was chosen for its corrosion-resistant properties as well.