The Benefits of Using Aluminum Fixed Ladders vs Steel Ladders in Commercial Construction

When it comes to durability, strength and versatility, aluminum has the clear advantage over steel ladders used the same commercial or industrial fixed ladder application. Here are the many reasons why.

1.  Aluminum is resistant to rust and corrosion. Steel ladders are either galvanized or made with stainless steel in order to minimize rust or corrosion. Aluminum ladders naturally and economically resist rust and corrosion.

2.  Because aluminum is maintenance-free, it has a low lifetime cost. Aside from being more affordable than stainless steel or galvanized steel ladders, aluminum does not require constant maintenance, which saves money over time.

3. Aluminum is environmentally friendly. Our aluminum extrusions are made with recycled content. Steel ladders can rust over time, and eventually have to be replaced, resulting to greater environmental impact.

4. Aluminum is a lightweight, high-strength material. Steel ladders are heavy, which makes it difficult and expensive to transport and handle. Although aluminum is lightweight, it has excellent strength-to-weight ratio, making it the perfect material for long lasting, maintenance-free commercial ladder installations.

5. O’Keeffe’s aluminum ladders have deeply serrated square rungs for maximum foot traction and safety. Steel ladders typically have round rungs and are not serrated, making it less stable for the person trying to climb it.

6. Aluminum is non-spark and non-magnetic. When struck against other non-ferrous metals, aluminum will not spark, reducing the risk of it being a fire hazard. Because it is non-magnetic, it can be used in places where magnetic equipment is stored.

7. Aluminum ladders offer multiple finishes. Aluminum ladders can be painted, clear anodized, bronze anodized, black anodized, etc. without losing its shine or color. Steel can be painted, but not anodized.